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Training dogs saves lives


Our rescue was established in 2018. Over the years we've realized that training plays an essential part in a dog's success in the home. Training oftentimes prevents dogs from being returned to the rescue or shelter they came from. We've therefore improved upon the way we do things and training is now an integral part of our rescue and rehoming process. We've participated in many training workshops, have shadowed some of the best trainers in the industry, and are continuous students of dog behavior and psychology. All of our dogs complete standard training and adopters are given the information and tools needed to continue their training with our support. A well-educated owner and a trained dog are the best combination for a successful and satisfying relationship that will last a lifetime. 


Why the "Wallflowers Shine Project"?


When we adopted one of our personal dogs from a shelter, he was extremely shy and timid. We enrolled him in training classes where they lovingly called him a wallflower. Training helped him gain confidence and brought out the best in him. It made him shine. 


The majority of dogs in shelters have experienced neglect in its many forms. Many have been undersocialized, have received very little mental or physical stimulation, are misunderstood in terms of what their breed needs to succeed, and have received very little to no training. 

The vast majority of shelter dogs are great dogs. Many are wallflowers that are just waiting for an opportunity to shine. We give them that opportunity. We see their potential. We bring out the best in them through clear communication and expectations. We provide them with what they likely never had; structure, guidance, rules, boundaries, and consistency so their future will be much brighter than their past. 

Adoptable Dogs

Indie is a handsome, friendly boy who would make an awesome adventure partner for an active person.

He has been with us for almost a year now. 

During that time he has really blossomed. Instead of the shy, somewhat awkward pup he was, he has become a very sweet, friendly boy who walks well on a leash, loves to go on hikes, and has even learned to run alongside a bike.


This is Betsy.  She is a petite little lady of about 40 lbs.  Very sweet, and very smart, we think she may have some Australian Shepherd in her.  She is learning some leash skills while showing us her playful side.  She must go to an active home, someone who likes to bike, hike, etc., as she is no couch potato.

This charming guy is Biscuit.  Adorable and sweet, with a hilarious smile, we rate him a 10/10!


Sabrina is a gorgeous and friendly girl.  Stay tuned as we work with her a bit and get to know her better.

New Arrivals


This sweet girl is Pippy.  She is currently staying with a foster, where she is showing off what a sweet, well-mannered girl she is.

Those ears!

This sweet pup is Raven, she just arrived at her foster's house where she will be staying.

Stay tuned for Raven updates.


Recent Adoptions

Luey and Dixie have both been adopted!

These two sweet Chiweenie pups now have awesome new homes.  Thanks to their foster for taking care of them, now their forever homes are here.

Luey adoption.jpg
Dixie adoption.jpg

Jett and Oreo, the last two of Eve's awesome puppies, have been adopted!  These pups were so sweet, it was hard to see them go.  But now they are in their forever homes, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Wishing you the best lives ever!

This adorable little nugget is August.  She is 35 lbs. of sweetness and sass.

And now she has a new home with one of our previous adopters.

Way to go little pup!


Miss Emilia was another of our favorite pups.  Sweet, social and just fun to have around.  We knew one of our previous adopters had lost her pup too soon, so we contacted her to see if she would like to meet Emilia.  She did, and judging from the pictures, she seems to be fitting in to her new home quite nicely.

Happy lives to both of you!

Emilia adoption.jpg

What's Happening

We’re excited to have completed our dog cottage. The cottage is designed to safely and comfortably house our dogs during their temporary stay at our rescue. It is surrounded by a fully fenced play yard where they can release some energy and where we can work on some training and socialization with them. We are able to accommodate 6 dogs. All kennels are heated/air conditioned. Woohoo!


Our Mission

The Wallflowers Shine Project is a registered 501 c (3) non-profit organization which is dedicated to rescuing the abandoned, rehabilitating the neglected, and finding loving forever homes for all while actively promoting and encouraging the adoption of shelter animals. 

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