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Why the "Wallflowers Shine Project"?

When we adopted our pup from the shelter he was extremely shy. We enrolled him in training sessions where they called him lovingly a wallflower. He was the only big dog that was put in playgroups with the tiniest of pups because he was too shy and scared to play with the big dogs. Over time this changed.

He became more confident, playful, and affectionate with all. He still was the gentlest of dogs but he was also able to hold his own with the big guys.

Dogs in shelters are too often wallflowers. Because of neglect, like insufficient training or exercise or simply from being ignored, they seldom have a chance to show their true personalities, especially while sitting behind bars. We will try to change that. 

Getting them out of the shelter environment, working with them to develop social skills, confidence, and trust, while showing and teaching respect, will give them the chance to shine.

Adoptable Dogs

Indie is a handsome, friendly boy who would make an awesome adventure partner for an active person.


Harley is a very sweet, slightly goofy, 2-3 year old shepherd mix.  She loves her walks, gets along well with other dogs, and we think would make a great family dog with respectful children.

New Arrivals

Molly and Ranger just arrived.  

These two are siblings, and about 7 months old.  Molly is the more cautious of the two, while Ranger is a big snuggle bug.

Stay tuned as we get to know them better.


Cuteness overload warning!

Miss Autumn arrived, and rumor has it she has been nominated for cutest thing alive!  Sweet, wiggly and pregnant.  Stay tuned as we get to know her better.


Oh my goodness!  We have puppies!!    

Yes, Miss Autumn had her puppies.  Six adorable little nuggets.  All of the light brown ones are girls, the 2 dark ones are boys.


Look at how those little nuggets have grown!

Just in time for the holidays, Santa has some new helpers!!  


Recent Adoptions


Sassy has a new home, and a new four-legged best friend!  This sweet girl took a little time to relax and show us what a nice girl she really was. Now she has a new home, family and best friend.  Happy life sweet girl!


What's Happening

We’re excited to have completed our dog cottage. The cottage is designed to safely and comfortably house our dogs during their temporary stay at our rescue. It is surrounded by a fully fenced play yard where they can release some energy and where we can work on some training and socialization with them. We are able to accommodate 6 dogs. All kennels are heated/air conditioned. Woohoo!


Our Mission

The Wallflowers Shine Project is a registered 501 c (3) non-profit organization which is dedicated to rescuing the abandoned, rehabilitating the neglected, and finding loving forever homes for all while actively promoting and encouraging the adoption of shelter animals.