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Happy Tails - 2020


Our first adoption of 2020 was a very sweet little girl appropriately named Cupcake.  She found a wonderful forever home with a semi-retired couple who live in the country, and are looking forward to taking Miss Cupcake on daily walks around their property.

When Lolly came to us she was emaciated and fearful.  As with many of our pups, it took time for her true personality to shine through.  And when it did, we discovered what a sweet, affectionate and playful pup she really was.  Here she is in her forever home, where she is described as being "the best girl ever".  How wonderful is that!

Otis with family.jpg

And here is Otis, smart, full of energy, and just all around adorable.  He found the most wonderful forever home, with an active family where he will be the center of attention.

Gia is such a sweet girl, the perfect combination of playful and affectionate.  Equally happy to go on a road-trip adventure or snuggle on the couch.  Here she is with her adoring forever family, looking forward to the good life she deserves.

Rudy adopted.jpg

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!  Handsome, sweet, affectionate and smart.  We could on about what a wonderful boy Rudy is.  But I think his adopted Mom said it best, "Seriously, he is amazing.  And perfect for our family".

Romey, another handsome, smart, all-around wonderful pup.  He found his forever home on the Oregon coast, where I understand he will get to go for boat rides.  Way to go Romey!


Star's new adopted dad works from home, so she will be the center of attention all of the time!  And I'm sure she will be a big help to dad.  It's the good life for Star!!

Angel, now Luna, is another foster fail, and we couldn't be happier.  She is now part of a wonderful, adoring family.  It's the good life for this girl.


Miss Peppa is one of the sweetest little pups we have had recently.  Her new family just bought a house, so they all moved in together.  What a great way to start a new life!  Happy house-warming Peppa girl!

While all of our pups are very dear to us, a few of them find special places in our hearts.  Bear was one of those.  Very shy and not showing any expression, we were never sure what he was thinking.  When he first leaned on our leg and wagged his tail, it felt as though we had just won a prize.  Now living with a wonderful family and four-legged friend, he is enjoying the good life he deserves.


Cornelius, now Hank, was one of our longer-term residents.  A very sweet boy, it just took a bit longer to find him the perfect home.  But according to his newly adopted dad, he is a delight to have around the house.  Way to go Hank, happy forever home!!

Dear Hazel was another very sweet, shy girl.  She found her perfect forever home that includes a four-legged new best friend.  Way to go Hazel!


This handsome guy is Jordan.  Jordan was our longest long-term resident, having been with us for a year.  When he first came to us he was a little rough around the edges.  Didn't have much social skill and looked like he had spent a bit too much time on the streets.  But we discovered he had an absolute heart of gold.  Underneath that battered exterior was the sweetest boy, who wanted nothing more than to hang out with his people.  He is such a special boy, we had to find him a special home to match.  And here it is, complete with a new four-legged best friend.  Way to go buddy, happy forever home!


Chase is a very smart boy who is always looking for something to do.  He found his forever home with more four-legged friends who will help keep him entertained.


This big lovable moose of a pup is Scooby.  Big and strong, but a complete sweetheart who just likes to spend time with his family.

When Goose arrived he was very shy, and it took a few days for him to begin to warm up.  What he really needed was a loving family with a soft couch.  Now he is living the good life he deserves.


The best way to describe Chowder is, the life of the party.  Happy, very sweet, one of our favorite pups to take for a walk because his tail never stopped wagging.  Now he has a new home and family to share all of that pup love.


Sweet Ginger.  When this girl first came to us, she was very reserved and quiet.  Little did we realize there was a clown hiding in that dog suit.  After a few days of attention and a chance to decompress, we started to see the real Ginger.  A goofy "bully dance", followed by rolling on the ground for belly rubs.  Her favorite thing was to just hang out in the exercise yard, asking for ear scratches and laying in the grass chewing on a bone.  Now she has a wonderful home with a soft bed, and all the toys and attention she could ask for.


Reese, beautiful Reese.  Very sweet, smart, affectionate, and that gorgeous tiger-striped coat.  Can you tell she is one of our favorite pups?  Now she gets to be the favorite pup of a whole family.  And judging by her smile while laying on that soft new dog bed, she is pretty happy about this new arrangement.  Happy life Reese!


And this happy pup is Scrappy.  Always playful and affectionate, she now has a forever home and family to share her enthusiasm.


This beautiful sweet girl is Lucie, now Penny.  Very shy at first, she began to warm up after a few days and turned into one of the most sweetly affectionate pups we have had.  Here she is with her new family, who were so excited to have her join them.


Here is Rosie in her new forever home.  Rosie had so much enthusiasm, she could be a little overwhelming at times.  But with a Mom who understands that, and a four-legged friend to help show her the ropes, she is now doing great.  Happy life Rosie girl!!


These awesome folks were our first "repeat customers"!  They adopted Cooper from us last year, and when they felt he was ready for a companion they asked if we had another pup that might be a good fit.  Penny was a sweet, affectionate girl, and judging from the pictures, looks to be a perfect match.  What a happy tail for two perfect pups!


This handsome guy is Parker.  He was very shy at first, and felt most comfortable around women.  After a few days he began to warm up, and turned into the most wonderful, affectionate and loyal pup ever.  He found a forever home that shares his love of water.  Way to go Parker!


This sweet girl is Shelby.  She looked completely lost and terrified in the shelter after being picked up as a stray.  After a few days to decompress with us, we discovered she loves people.  Here she is with her new forever family, one happy lucky pup!


And this happy go-lucky guy is Sainti. now Buddy Boy.  Happy to see people, happy to go places, and really happy to have a family and new four-legged friend.  Happy life Buddy!


This very handsome guy is Jaden.  He and Willow came to us together, we assume they were siblings.  At first he was very shy, and seemed to need Willow for confidence.  But after a few days, he really started to blossom into a very affectionate pup on his own.  Here he is with his new family, where he seems to have settled in quite well.

And this sweet girl is Willow.  One of our sweetest, calmest little girls, she was happy to just hang out with her people.  Here she is with her new forever family, where she has quickly settled in.


When Roxy came to us, we could tell she was a sweet, but shy girl, who would need just the right home where her personality could blossom.  And here it is, where her new parents said, "Oh my gosh, she is just the best dog!".


Sparkle was another of our favorites, a very sweet and affectionate girl.  She found a wonderful home on the coast with someone who would be home all of the time to keep her company.


This very handsome boy is Milo.  Full of energy and enthusiasm, but not much discipline, he could be a challenge at times.  After a week at a board and train, he became one of the best behaved pups ever.  Here he is with his new family, enjoying life, traveling, and being the best dog there is.


Most pups start out a bit shy when we first get them.  It usually takes a few days or more for them to warm up, but not Asher.  He was one of the sweetest, most affectionate pups ever, from the moment he arrived.  Here he is with his new family, looking forward to an active lifestyle.


This happy boy is Walle.  He was shy at first, but after a few days to adjust, he became a total goofball.  Spinning in circles with the zoomies, rolling on his back for belly rubs, he was the class clown in a dog suit.  Here he is with his new dad, on his way to a family that will appreciate what a sweet pup he is.


And this charming girl is Petunia, now Lucy.  A little on the senior side, she was the calmest, most unobtrusive pup we have ever had.  Perfectly content to just hang out with her people, and if you wanted to share a bite of bagel with her that would be fine too.  She found a wonderful forever home, where she can relax and enjoy her senior years.  


Yay, Ralphie has a home!

Smart, sweet, with just the right amount of playful, Ralph was one of our favorites.  Now he has a forever home with someone who appreciates what a great pup he is.  "The first few days have been great! He really has been such a great dog already.".  Way to go, Ralphie!!


This happy pup is Simon, now Salmon.  Affectionate, smart and energetic, he has found the perfect home.  "Such a sweet dog, so happy to have him here.  Can't wait until we can take him running with us".. 

Happy trails Salmon!

Elle adoption 1.jpg

And here is Ellee, home at last!

Ellee was in rough shape when he first arrived; emaciated, patches of hair missing, and no social skills.  But after a bath, some good food, and a lot of hands on work, he became a poster pup for what a rescued dog can become.  Now with adopted parents who understand how to continue his training, he is on the road to the best life ever.  Happy days Ellee!


Nutmeg, now Milo, has a forever home and a new four-legged best friend.  Smart and full of energy, he found the perfect home where he can be the best pup ever.  Way to go buddy!

Snow White adoption.jpg
Snow White.jpg

Our little girl has a forever home! 

Snow White, now Sif, was our first puppy at the rescue.  A precious little deaf, blue eyed pittie, we knew if we didn't find a home for her soon, we would keep her forever ourselves.  We had her long enough to teach her some hand signals, socialize her with other pups, and get her started on her house training.  Then we found a wonderful family, including a four-legged big brother, where she would have a wonderful life ahead of her.

Here's to the best life ever little one!

Snow White adoption_2.jpg

Sweet Benny has a home!

When this cute boy first arrived, he was very fearful, constantly looking for approval.  Over time he warmed up, became more confident, and turned into the playful, sweet boy he was meant to be.  Here he is with his new family, where he will get all of the love and attention he deserves.


Shortly after our first pup found her new home, two more pups arrived at our rescue.  Boris, and his brother Scuffles.  Although brothers, they had very different personalities.  Boris seemed a little calmer, and when a family with small children inquired about adopting one, we felt Boris might be the best fit.  I think we were right!  To the best life Boris.


And here is Scuffles, the brother to Boris.  Sweet, smart, and going to grow up to be a big boy.  His new family said it best, "He is awesome, we are thankful that you called us.  Thank you so much".  Way to go Scuffles!


This handsome fellow is Lance, now Waylon.  Sweet, smart and now with a new home and some new four-legged friends.  He looks pretty happy with his new life!


Here is Neek, another sweet pup who is happy to have his forever home.  He also has a new four-legged friend, who seems to be playing hard to get!


Sweet Jayla not only has a new home, but a new wardrobe to go with it, and she seems to be adjusting quite well.  According to her new parent, "The little lady is doing great, she has been a real pleasure".  From a life in the shelter to the best life ever, way to go little girl!


This handsome fellow is Jayden.  Another sweet pup that is very grateful to have a forever home, just in time for the holidays.


This beautiful girl is Lady, one of the sweetest pups we have had.  Smart, affectionate, and eager to learn, she found a wonderful forever home and family.


This handsome fellow is Courage.  He wasn't with us for long before he found the perfect home, a quiet place in the woods.  


We ended our year with a very special adoption.  Jaeger is one of our favorite pups, smart, affectionate and slightly goofy.  But like many large dogs, it takes time to find the right home.  Just in time for the holidays, Jaeger found his, and we couldn't be happier for him.  To the best life ever big guy!

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