Happy Tails - 2021

We started 2021 with a very sweet boy named Spot, now Milo.  Affectionate and well-behaved, he was a delight to have around.  Now he has a wonderful forever home, and he is clearly pretty happy about it!

Diamond has a forever home!  Some pups take a little longer to find just the right fit, and Diamond was one of those pups.  But the wait was worth it, and we couldn't be happier for her.

Sammy, one of our favorite goofballs, has found his forever home.  A very sweet and playful boy, he was a pleasure to have at our rescue.  Now he gets to be the center of attention at his new home.  To the best life buddy!

This sweet pup is Kelsea.  She went to a home where the adopter had lost his previous pittie.  As you can see, they are both pretty happy about her being a part of the family.  Happy life sweet girl!

This adorable girl is Pepper.  As you can see, she has quickly adjusted to a life of luxury, including a new wardrobe!

Felix has a forever home!  He found a wonderful home with a new four-legged friend, where he will get lots of exercise to help use up that Malamute energy.  Happy trails guy!

Sweet little Annie has a new home.  This precious little girl was our first Husky here at the rescue.  Now she has a forever home where she is clearly part of the family, and we couldn't be happier for her.

Dear sweet Yogi has a home.  This wonderful boy was one of our favorites.  He loved people, dogs, cats, everybody!  Now he has a new home, where he is settling in quite nicely.  Happy life big guy!

This beautiful girl is Lillie.  We never got to meet her in person, as she was adopted while staying with a foster.  A neighbor of the foster met Lillie and fell in love with her.  She found a wonderful forever home, without having to make the trip to Oregon.  Happy life Miss Lillie!

@2021 The Wallflowers Shine Project

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