Happy Tails - 2021

We started 2021 with a very sweet boy named Spot, now Milo.  Affectionate and well-behaved, he was a delight to have around.  Now he has a wonderful forever home, and he is clearly pretty happy about it!

Diamond has a forever home!  Some pups take a little longer to find just the right fit, and Diamond was one of those pups.  But the wait was worth it, and we couldn't be happier for her.


Sammy, one of our favorite goofballs, has found his forever home.  A very sweet and playful boy, he was a pleasure to have at our rescue.  Now he gets to be the center of attention at his new home.  To the best life buddy!


This sweet pup is Kelsea.  She went to a home where the adopter had lost his previous pittie.  As you can see, they are both pretty happy about her being a part of the family.  Happy life sweet girl!

This adorable girl is Pepper.  As you can see, she has quickly adjusted to a life of luxury, including a new wardrobe!


Felix has a forever home!  He found a wonderful home with a new four-legged friend, where he will get lots of exercise to help use up that Malamute energy.  Happy trails guy!

Sweet little Annie has a new home.  This precious little girl was our first Husky here at the rescue.  Now she has a forever home where she is clearly part of the family, and we couldn't be happier for her.

Dear sweet Yogi has a home.  This wonderful boy was one of our favorites.  He loved people, dogs, cats, everybody!  Now he has a new home, where he is settling in quite nicely.  Happy life big guy!

This beautiful girl is Lillie.  We never got to meet her in person, as she was adopted while staying with a foster.  A neighbor of the foster met Lillie and fell in love with her.  She found a wonderful forever home, without having to make the trip to Oregon.  Happy life Miss Lillie!

Cat, now River, has her forever home!  This girl was one of the sweetest pups we have had.  Friendly with dogs and cats, happy to walk on a leash, she was just a delight to have around.  Now she has a home of her own, with a cat friend and a life of adventure.  Way to go sweet girl!


This handsome fluff ball is Cedar.  After a few days to adjust, he turned out to be a sweet, affectionate boy.  Now he has a family to share all of that energy and affection with.

Lyla was our first small dog here at the rescue.  She now has a new home with a new four-legged friend.  To a good life little one!


Fiona has a new home!  This adorable girl was always the life of the party here at the rescue.  Now she gets to be the center of attention, happy life sweet girl!


Cane was one of the calmest, most mellow pups we have had.  Easy to walk, just happy to hang out.  Now he has a forever home and family to hang with.  Way to go buddy!


Suzi was a totally sweet pup, just loved being around her people.  Now she has her very own set of people, who are very happy to have her as part of their family.

This sweet girl is Candy, an affectionate pup with a lot of energy.  She met a wonderful family, and they seem to be a perfect fit for each other.


Lola found her forever home, where she gets all the attention she deserves.  Way to go pretty girl!


Nora was our first pup from Mexico.  A very sweet pup, she went from a hard life on the streets to the best life ever here in Oregon.  And she looks pretty happy about it!  To the best life little girl!


Evie was very shy when she came to our rescue.  Fearful, especially of men, but we could tell there was a wonderful pup waiting to come out.  Her adopter trusted us when we said she would warm up to him, and it looks like it is working out great for everyone.  Way to go Evie!


This sweet pup is Dixie.  She was a little shy at first, but quickly warmed up to show us what an affectionate girl she really was.  Here she is with her new family, way to go sweet girl!

Cinnamon was found living in a vacant house.  After spending a little time with us to decompress, she found a wonderful family to adopt her. 

From her new family, "We're loving having Ciri, & she's fitting right in! And we've found her a playgroup of friends that meet every day at the field near our house! Thank you again!!!"

To the best life sweet girl!

Daisy was one of our easier pups, loved people, other dogs, and just about everything else.  In fact, she was so sweet, the foster she was staying with decided to adopt her after she and their pup became best friends.  Way to go Daisy!

Brodie found his home!  When this big goof first arrived, he didn't have much manners or leash skills.  But with a little time and patience he caught on, and became one of our favorites.  Now he has a new home and new four-legged best friend.  

This sweet girl is Lolly.  When circumstances changed with her previous adopter, Lolly came back to stay with us.  Happily we were able to find her a new forever home, where she is a loved part of the family.

Arnie started out as a foster, but it didn't take long for them to decide he should be part of the family.  Now he has a forever home and new best friend.  Way to go Arnie!


Our first adoption of the year was Spot, now Milo.  When his parents decided it was time for Milo to have a friend, they came back to visit, and Milo met Maggie.  It was love at first sniff, and they were best friends before leaving for home.  Milo and Maggie, to the best life ever!  


This beautiful girl is Hope, now Freya.  When she first arrived, she was so fearful she could not be leashed to go for a walk.  We had to move her outside in a crate.  But with patience and work she began to trust us, and this wonderful family with their Husky came to visit.  It was a perfect match, and now Hope has her forever home.


Finley was a last minute arrival to our rescue.  She had run out of time at the shelter and had no place to go, so we agreed to take her.  She turned out to be very sweet, smart and eager to please.  No surprise, she quickly found her forever home.


Chuck's story is pretty amazing. He came to us from a shelter in Bakersfield with severe eye issues. He had an enucleation and entropion correction performed at a specialist here in town. After he was healed we decided it would be best for him to go to a shar-pei specific rescue so he could find a fitting forever home. He made the long journey to North Carolina only to find his forever home with a previous adopter of that rescue in Pennsylvania. His story is a true success story and a tale of cooperation between rescues who provided the best outcome for our sweet Chuck. Happy life sweet boy!


Katie was rescued from the euthanasia list at a SoCal shelter. She was terrified and we were only able to rescue her because we had a kind woman offer to foster her. It took a lot of patience and trust building for Katie to come out of her shell. She still cannot be walked on leash but has made best friends with all the dogs in her foster's home. Katie adores the other dogs and gets along well with the kitties in the home, too. Her foster Alex wasn't able to give her up, especially since she was worried that Katie would have a hard time adjusting to a new home, so she has found the most wonderful forever home we could ever wish for. She has plenty of canine friends that comfort her and will never be abandoned again. 


Lilly was rescued from the euthanasia list on her last day. She took some time to trust us but turned into the most loving, goofy, and very special girl we had the pleasure of rescuing. Sky had recently lost her beloved pittie and they fell immediately in love with her. Lilly's best friends is a big ol' lab, Riggin, who looks like the comfiest snuggle bud. We're so, so happy that this once terrified girl has found a forever home any dog deserves. Woohoo!


Mochi. What a journey! Rescued from the shelter with a meat hook lodged in her jaw; fostered for a month only to find out upon arrival she was pregnant! This girl went through it all and did incredible all along. She raised 7 beautiful and healthy puppies who all found wonderful homes, and now she has the most loving family. We loved this girl and her silly antics and are beyond thrilled she gets to enjoy herself and be a puppy once and for all. 


Mochi's litter of 7 have found their forever homes. Our first litter born at the rescue was super special. We bottle fed them after 3 weeks as Mochi got mastitis and was no longer able to. These pups were awesome. Super, super smart, sweet, calm but spunky; the perfect mix. All of their families are madly in love with them and we know why. Thank you for choosing adoption; we and the puppies couldn't be happier! 


Sterling was rescued from a high kill shelter where he was beyond terrified. Leisha and her husband offered to foster this scared boy and worked hard to gain his trust. Sterling loved their other 2 dogs and slowly came out of his shell. When it came time to find him a forever home they just couldn't give him up and we're happy to report that they foster failed and adopted him. He completes their wonderful pack. 


Jet, Stewie, and Arlo came to us as 4-month old puppies. These boys were some of the most beautiful pups we've ever seen. They were truly unique looking with a very sweet and calm temperament. 

All of them found wonderful forever homes and we couldn't be happier for them and their families. 


Hannah found a wonderful family who immediately fell in love with her. How could you not, just look at that beauty?! She will get plenty of exercise and play with the children in the home, and we're beyond happy she's found such a great fit. 


Ryder was another incredibly sweet pup that was euthanasia listed due to space. We had a wonderful foster step up until Ryder found his forever home. He enjoys life with his new family and a kitty friend. 

Todd arrived together with Ryder and these two boys were absolutely wonderful. Ryder loved other dogs and did well with cats so he found a home quickly. We're happy that this boy is staying local with a wonderful family. 


Butters arrived with Toto. He was the most wonderful little pup and super adorable. Not surprisingly he had many willing adopters but found the most perfect family with 2 best friends. Happy life, Butters!


Toto arrived with Butters. Toto was the shy one but she was oh so loving. Her favorite place was in your lap and we found an adopter that wanted just that - a lap dog! 

Yay for Toto, what a great match. 


Sweet and super obedient Blossom was adopted a second time after her first home didn't work out. She found a more pit bull experienced home with the skills and desire to continue her training. We couldn't be happier for this deserving girl. 

When sweet Lilly, now Kirbie, arrived at our rescue, she had one of the saddest faces we had ever seen.  One of the best-behaved and sweetest girls ever, she quickly stole our hearts.  She soon found a forever home, where she is soaking up the attention and loving being back in a home.  To the best life sweet Kirbie!


Sweet boy Briar, and adorable little Jasmine, have found their forever homes.  These two cuties arrived with their mom Lilly.  Three wonderful pups, happily all three now have their forever homes.