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Happy Tails - 2024


Ginger has a new home!  This sweet girl did a fabulous job of raising 6 beautiful puppies, and now she gets to relax.  Ginger has been adopted into a wonderful home, and we couldn't be happier for her.  To the best life ever!!

Ginger adoption.jpg

Evie has been adopted.  This wonderful girl spent time with a great foster, and now has found herself a new home.  Way to go Evie!

Evie adoption.jpg

Tortoro is a foster fail!  Yes, this sweet little boy has a home.  Apparently he was just too cute to let go, and his foster family decided to keep him.  Way to go buddy, looks like you will be in for some adventures!

Tortoro adoption.jpg
Penny adoption.jpg

Penny, now Juno, has a new home.  This sweet shy girl found a wonderful new family that appreciates just what a treasure she is.


The big Ox has a home.  This handsome playful fellow found the perfect family to adopt.

Ox adoption.jpg
Coco adoption.jpg

Coco has been adopted!  This girl was one of our favorites, just a wonderful, easy pup.  Now she has a great forever home.  To the best life Coco!


For the first time since starting the rescue, we were able to travel to shelters in California to meet available dogs before bringing them to Oregon.  And the result is Francisco, one of the sweetest dogs ever.  Smart, playful, potty trained, just an all-around wonderful pup.

Adding a happy ending to this story, not long after Francisco arrived at our rescue, we were contacted by his family.  They had adopted him several months before, and he had gone missing.  They searched and watched shelter pages for any sign of him, but saw nothing.  Then his picture appeared at the shelter where we had met him.  The shelter referred the family to us, and they then drove to Oregon to retrieve their boy.  The family was together again!


This handsome boy is Scout.  He spent time with a fabulous foster/trainer who really helped him with his social skills and look at him now.  Adopted into a new home with a great life ahead of him.  Way to go Scout!

Dahlia has a new home.  This girl was just too sweet to stay with us for long.  She quickly found her forever home, where she will even get to help Dad with his work.  Way to go Dahlia!


Thelma spent some time with a wonderful foster/trainer, and when she met her new Mom it seemed to be a perfect match.

Happy tails Thelma!


This adorable little nugget of a pup has found his forever home, where we are sure he is being spoiled beyond belief.  Way to go Ben!


Mocha was one of our favorites, just a wonderful easy pup to have around.  We are delighted she has found a new home, with a new four-legged best friend.  To the best life Mocha!


Our latest batch of puppies became available for adoption, and five of the six found their new homes.  Tigger, Jasmine, Bonnie, Clyde and Spike are now happily settling in.

Happy tails all around!!


This adorable little girl is Layla.  She was very shy when she first arrived, but with a lot of work and patience really came out of her shell.  She was looking for a home that would appreciate what a cute, sweet and little bit shy girl she was.  She found exactly that and seems pretty happy about it.

To the best life Layla! 

Layla adoption.jpg

This handsome hunk of a pup is Blue.  Very affectionate, and with some work to polish his leash skills became just an all around sweet boy.  One of our previous adopters saw him, and having become self-described pit bull lovers, decided he would be a great fit for their family.

Way to go Blue!

Blue adoption.jpg

Ducky, the last of the litter of six puppies, has found her new home.  Yay, we are very happy this sweet little girl is going to be the center of attention in her new family.  Way to go Ducky!

Badger, with the cutest underbite ever, has been adopted.  This little dude totally rocked it with his foster, and now has a new family with more four-legged new friends.

Way to go Badger!


Lucas has a new home!  This sweet boy was one of our favorites.  Whether happily playing with other pups or just walking on a leash, this boy was just a pleasure to work with.  Now he gets to be the center of a lucky family.

To the best life Lucas!  


Midnight, the first Cane Corso we have had here at the rescue, has found a new home.  We are very happy to announce that this very sweet, extra-large girl has found a new family of her own.  To the good life sweet girl!

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