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Happy Tails - 2023


Miss Autumn has a new home, and a new best friend!  After raising six beautiful puppies, she is now ready for a life of leisure.  Dan and Keli adopted Chugs from us two years ago, and they decided it was time for him to have a friend.  We couldn't have asked for a better home for our Autumn.

Happy tails sweet girl!

Harley has a home!  This very sweet, slightly goofy girl has been a pleasure to have stay with us.  But now she has a home of her own, with a new four-legged friend, where she will get all of the attention she loves.  To the best life sweet girl!


Lulu has a new home!  This girl wasn't with us for long, when you are this sweet you can be adopted quickly.  She now has an active home and will be a regular running partner.  Way to go Lulu!!


Montey has a new home!  This sweet boy had a lot of applications.  And one lucky family got to take this soft and snuggly boy home with them.

Happy tails Montey!


Phoenix, this beautiful shepherd/collie mix has a new home!  Very sweet and loves people, now he will get to be the center of the attention he deserves.


Spike is best described as the life of the party.  This energetic low-rider is a super-sweet boy, and now he has a new home.  And we heard he has an adorable four-legged girlfriend waiting for him.  Way to go Spike!


Amber has a new home!  This girl is very sweet and smart, and has just been waiting for the right home to come along.  Happy tails to you sweet girl!


Ophelia is initially shy, but becomes a total love bug once she gets to know you.  Now she has a wonderful new home where she is totally loved.  To the best life ever sweet girl!


The last two of Autumn's puppies have been adopted.  They both went to wonderful homes in Bend, and we couldn't be happier for them.  Best of all, their families live just a mile apart, so we are really hoping they will get to have some playdates in the future.  To the best lives ever!





Zoey has a new home!  This girl was shy at first, but warmed up to show us what a sweet girl she really was.  Now she has her forever home, with a new four-legged best friend.  Way to go Zoey!


Axel has found his forever home.  A wonderful family that includes another Malinois to help show him the ropes.

Thanks to his foster Amanda, for helping to set him up for success.

To the best life ever buddy!


Carrie has a new home!  This girl is just the sweetest, and one of our favorites.  So when one of our previous adopters asked if they could meet her, we were delighted.  Now she has the best home ever!  To a wonderful life sweet girl!

Solo adoption.jpg

Solo and Stan have been adopted!

These two happy boys and their littermate Jack made the trip to Oregon.  Jack is still working on his confidence before being ready for adoption, but these two boys have found wonderful homes.

Stan adoption.jpg

Jack has been adopted, and we are so happy for him!  While his brothers Stan and Solo quickly found new homes, Jack was very shy and needed more time to adjust.  Now he has found a wonderful new home, with someone who understands what a sweet boy he is.  He will be living near the coast, where he will get to enjoy walks on the beach.

Way to go Jack!

Jack adoption.jpg
Tas adoption.jpg
Pirate adoption.jpg
Coco adoption.jpg

Three of Eve's puppies have been adopted!  Taz, Pirate and Coco have found wonderful homes.

To the best lives sweet pups!

Eve has been a fantastic mom to her litter of puppies, and now gets to enjoy the good life in a home of her own with a new best friend.  

To the best life Eve!

Eve adoption.jpg

Paisley has been adopted!.  In a wonderful case of "foster fail", after a few months in her foster home, they all agreed she belonged there, and decided to adopt her.

To the best life ever Paisley!!

Paisley adoption.jpg

Esther has a new home!  Another sweet pup who was just waiting for the right people to come along.

Happy tails sweet girl!

Esther adoption.jpg

Luey and Dixie have both been adopted!

These two sweet Chiweenie pups now have awesome new homes.  Thanks to their foster for taking care of them, now their forever homes are here.

Luey adoption.jpg
Dixie adoption.jpg

Jett and Oreo, the last two of Eve's awesome puppies, have been adopted!  These pups were so sweet, it was hard to see them go.  But now they are in their forever homes, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Wishing you the best lives ever!

This adorable little nugget is August.  She is 35 lbs. of sweetness and sass.

And now she has a new home with one of our previous adopters.

Way to go little pup!


Miss Emilia was another of our favorite pups.  Sweet, social and just fun to have around.  We knew one of our previous adopters had lost her pup too soon, so we contacted her to see if she would like to meet Emilia.  She did, and judging from the pictures, she seems to be fitting in to her new home quite nicely.

Happy lives to both of you!

Emilia adoption.jpg

Sabrina is a gorgeous and friendly girl.  Someone else thought so too, and now she has a new home.  We understand she has her own love seat in the living room, and will get to go on lots of adventures.

Way to go sweet girl!

Sabrian adoption.jpg

Angel has been adopted!  This sweet girl was in sad shape when she was found abandoned in a park.  A very kind person took her home and nursed her back to health.  Then she went to a shelter, and from the shelter to our rescue.  In a wonderful twist of fate, a relative of the person who originally found her saw she was now at our rescue and applied to adopt her.  So she is still part of the family.  To the best life ever!

Angel adoption.jpg

Kona has a new home.  This sweet girl showed off what a rock-star she was while staying with her fabulous foster.  Now she has a home of her own where she can practice those great skills she has learned.  Way to go Kona!!

Kona adoption.jpg

Bella has a home!  One of our previous adopters saw Bella, and thought she would make the perfect companion for her current dog.  We couldn't be happier to see Bella go to such a great home.  What a lucky pup!

Bella adoption.jpg
Betsie adoption 3.jpg

Betsie has been adopted.  Being a typical herding breed mix, this girl had a lot of energy and so needed a home that would provide structure and an active lifestyle.  It looks as though she has found the perfect spot and is settling in nicely.  Happy days sweet Betsie!!

Betsie adoption.jpg

Lilly has a new home.  It didn't take long for someone to recognize what a great addition to their family this sweet girl would be.  To the best life Lilly!

Lilly adoption.jpg

All of Ginger's adorable puppies have found their forever homes, and we couldn't be happier for them.  To the best lives ever sweet pups!  

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