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Happy Tails - 2019


Danzo, now Vedder, was saved from the Carson shelter in CA and is living his best life possible with an absolutely incredible couple and their other dog Lucky in Long Beach, CA. 

Jonesy, now Mr. Jonesy, traveled all the way to Canada to meet his awesome new family who wanted to give a home to an urgent pup from one of the many high kill shelters in SoCal. 


Dear little Pixie has found her forever home in Eugene and they both couldn't be happier and more in love. 


Dear Bosco, now Arthur, one of our biggest challenges, has found the home many pups could only dream of!  A family that adores him, a pup for a best friend, and a life of adventure in Bend, Oregon.


Charming Chewbacca has found his new family, and all of the attention he wants, here in Eugene.


Sweet Enid, now Lili, has become a beloved member of her new family here in Eugene. 


Adorable Dozer found his new home, including a new four-legged best friend, not far away in Springfield.


Sweet little Mya, now Ruby, has found her forever home in Eugene where she is the center of attention.  And she couldn't be happier!


Sweet Zaria has found the home she has been dreaming of.  A life in the country with a wonderful couple who adore her.


Dino, our favorite deaf pittie, found a wonderful forever home with a four-legged best friend, where he is a much-loved member of the family.


We always knew Moon was special, but how many rescue pups get a welcome home party?  From a life on the streets, to a life in the country with a family that adores him.  Moon is now living the good life he deserves.

Khaleesi, now Layla, found the perfect home and companion and is now living the good city life in McMinnville, Oregon.


Karina, now Cricket, has a wonderful family ready to give her all the attention she deserves.  She is living a pup's life in the country near Troutdale, Oregon.

Sweet Sunny, one of the most gentle pups we've had, is now a nanny.  She found a wonderful home and family, including a baby boy to look after, and is now living the good life in McMinnville, Oregon.


Dear, sweet Chance, a truly unique, gentle pup.  He found a family that appreciates his sweet, gentle nature and he is now living the good country life.


Sweet Cedric, now Cedi Bear, was such a special pup we knew he had to go to just the right home.  And here they are, a wonderful family who adore him and take him on many pup adventures.


Dear Jagger, a sweet, affectionate boy who was such a joy to have around, has found a wonderful home.  An awesome family that adores him, a sweet new four-legged girlfriend named Josie, and even a beach house to spend the weekends at.  This guy hit the jackpot!


Brodie, now Ace, another delightful pup who was a pleasure to have at our rescue.  He has found a wonderful family where he is the center of attention and affection.


Cooper, another sweet and playful boy, has found a wonderful home with an active family to keep him entertained.

Dakota, now Maggie, has found a wonderful home on the Oregon coast.  Her new family is involved in search and rescue work, so Maggie will be leading a life of adventure.


Molly, who had been fostered by Amanda for several months, was our first foster fail! We were hoping they'd all stay together as Atlas and Molly had become best friends, and Amanda also fell head over heels for Molly! Best happy ending ever :)


The sweetest and gentlest of all pups, our girl Olivia.  She has found a wonderful and loving home in Lake Oswego where she'll be spoiled for the rest of her life.


Barrett gets to be a ranch dog!!  It took a while, but we finally found the perfect home for this 105 lb. pup.  Cattle to watch, birds to chase, and lots of fresh air to breath.  Happy trails big guy!

Winston, one of our favorite silly pups, has found a wonderful home.  Two awesome peeps, a kitty friend, and a senior pup pal to hang out with.  One of the sweetest of cuddle bugs has a great life ahead.


And here is Buddy.  When he first came to us, he was so fearful he needed his own emotional support animal.  After a few weeks of helping him to build his confidence, he met the perfect family.  They were wonderfully supportive, already had two four-legged children to be his new best friends, and recognized Buddy for the awesome pup he was.  He is now living the best life ever, way to go Buddy!


Makena, now Gracie, came to us as a shy little mouse.  Who knew she was really a bundle of playful, affectionate energy?!  She has found the best life ever, with a Dad who works from home and a new four-legged best friend.


Socks, one of our more easy-going, happy-go-lucky pups.  He found a loving home near Bend where he will be happily spoiled.

Our final adoption of the year was an extra special one.  Bruno was an eight year old pittie, the longest resident in a high-kill shelter.  We knew he was living on borrowed time.  Suzi was a dog lover with a soft spot for senior pitties.  We introduced them and it was love at first slobber.  Suzi has an adoring new member of the family, and Bruno has a forever home for the holidays.  What a wonderful way to end the year!

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